wednesday, oct 24th 2012

T-Shirt Design: OmniGate – What’s Your Address?

OmniGate: What's Your Address?What are the stories and experiences that shaped the geek you are today? Who are your favorite heroes? Villains? And what movies and shows can you watch over and over again? Reread any books because you loved them so much? What would you dial on the OmniGate to find your home?

This design actually began as a USB keypad , kind of like you might plug into your PC or laptop. The symbols and icons would have been on the keys, and the thought behind it was that, as a sci-fi/fantasy author or screen writer develops a story, they interject bits from all the tales that have inspired them throughout their lives. Like, “This scene needs to be more Batman”, or, “What would Gandalf do?”.

I became frustrated at trying to render the keypad itself, so I allowed my brain to wander freely to find a different framework. At some point the little light went on above my head and the Stargate became the obvious choice. The next decision was how many spaces to fit on the wheel. I figured it would be best to stick with a number evenly divisible into 360 degrees, so after doing a bit of simple math 24 became the logical choice.

But then the hard part began. I had more than 24 symbols/icons in my list, so I had to whittle that down. Some of them were from the same stories, so I decided to pair them up, Two Face-style: Rebel Alliance/Empire (Star Wars), Autobot/Decepticon (Transformers), Enclave/Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout), and Alliance/Horde (WoW). Some stories held the opposite dilemma for me: no broadly recognizable symbol or icon at all – at least, not like Superman and Batman have – such as The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, FarScape, etc.

I won’t say which are which, but some of these symbols are included not so much because I’m a big fan, but because I know what they represent is incredibly popular among geeks. Hopefully, that won’t paint me as a poser. I did it more to be sure the design as a whole could appeal to as many as possible.

You can vote for this design on Qwertee and buy it right now at my RedBubble store WITH and WITHOUT the text at the bottom.


Here is a list of all of the symbols on the OmniGate starting at the top (my personal logo) and working clockwise:

Mark Almighty logo (designer), Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, Fringe, Firefly/Serenity, X-Men, Doctor Who, Fallout, Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, Battlestar Galactica, Batman, Star Trek (Star Fleet logo), Stargate, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Thundercats, Spiderman, Back to the Future (DeLorean), Transformers, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Tron, Star Wars, Superman, Farscape (Moya)