Dragon*Con 2011 Photos

Fallout: Vault Dweller, Vault 42

Vault Dweller, Vault 42

I went to the 2011 Dragon*Con as a Vault Dweller from the popular video game series Fallout. I wanted to choose a vault number other than the ones made famous by the games, so I looked at this wiki’s List of Known Vaults (scroll way down). For some reason, the Vault-Tec experiment conducted in Vault 42 just struck a chord with me and, although I read through and considered the entire list, 42 just seemed like the answer.

There’s a picture of me with my buddy Josh as an Enclave Soldier in power armor threatening yours truly with a hammer. Two other friends went as Fallout characters as well – a caravan merchant and a Regulator. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of them. :(

You may notice below that I’ve got a couple of props that I made – a PipBoy 3000 and a frag mine – and I intend to do a separate post (or set of posts) on how I put this entire costume together. Someday. Probably never. But maybe. Until then, enjoy the gallery!

(Oh, and here’s a great video of a ton of excellent costumes!)